Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cowboys From Hell - Pantera Tribute

Venerdi prossimo, 13 marzo, live @ MEPHISTO ROCK CAFE' di Lù Monferrato ci sarà lo strafottutissimo tributo ai PanterA a cura dei devastanti Cowboys From Hell band fedelissima all'originalr, con grandi manici come musicisti! Accorrete numerosi, si preannuncia una bella "headbang session"!!.

Next friday, 13rd march, live @ MEPHISTO ROCK CAFE' in Lu Monferrato (Alessandria) there will be the goddamn PanterA tribute by the motherfucking Cowboys From Hell talented band, a very accurate tribute to the hammers from Texas!! Come check it out! I've already tested the band live on stage and rest assure there's gonna be a huge "headbanging session" around!

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