Monday, June 23, 2008

Searching for something real (in my own process)

For heaven's sake, you are what you are, and the honesty to yourself occupies a precise and vital part in the continuous process of becoming a "real" human being, not a plastic human being.
Since i was a child the word quality has meant a lot to me. In one way or another i'm sincerely devoting myself to this, with lots of sacrifices aiming to a direction and you may rest assured that Mister Quality himself will always be there. Somehow, one day, you're gonna hear someone say:"Hey! This is quality. Here's someone REAL."

I'd like to.
What can you ask in life but to be true, to fully develop your potential, instead of wasting energy trying to realize an imagine of yourself which dissolves, which ain't real and consumes your vital energy? A great job awaits us, which requires devotion and so much energy. To grow and discover we have to commit ourselves and it's something that i experiment each day, sometimes it's good, others it's frustrating. Whatever happens, you've got to let your inner light leads you out of the dark.
I admit i'm writing what comes to my mind. It could seem incoherent to someone, but i don't really care about. I'm just exactly writing up the thoughts which come to my mind. If we can communicate with each other (that i hope we can), it's good, otherwise we can't do anything.
For whom would like to know, i'm a martial artist for choice, an actor for profession (which is an expressive revelation and/or self knowledge) and i'm realizing myself day by day to be an artist in life as well.
Afterall, all the arts have a similar basis! You are free to make your choice and express your intrinsic potential. What is your conception of quality? I start from martial art, which is my first love.

In My Own Process
Manuscript, about 1973, Bruce Lee Papers

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